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Accompaniment, Care and massage

Regaining balance
Therapeutic care
Integrative approach


Harmonizing & relaxing 1h30 - 75€
Hot stones (winter) 1h30 - 90€
prenatal 1h15 - 75€
5-session subscription (your choice) - 350€
10-session subscription (your choice) - 650€

The harmonising massage favours long, slow, fluid and enveloping movements that allow for deep relaxation, followed by more intense manoeuvres to relieve muscular tension. A real feeling of well-being contributing to the unity and harmony of body and mind.
The hot stone massage (made of pure lava from volcanoes), brings an immediate relaxing effect, and your body will appreciate the virtues of thermotherapy. All the friction is eliminated by stimulating the energy points on the various parts of the body.
Prenatal massage has a thousand virtues that it would be wrong to deny yourself: relieving joints and back tension, improving circulation, digestion and breathing, or simply relaxing and making yourself feel good. pregnancy is undoubtedly the time when you most want to be massaged and pampered. Prenatal massage is safe during pregnancy but as a precautionary measure, avoid it during the first trimester.


Energy care

45 min - 45€ (€)
5 session subscription - 200€
10 session subscription - 350

The energetic treatment allows the elimination of blockages in the body's supply channels, such as vessels, meridians, chakras, etc., and to rebalance the energy flow by releasing the tensions and stresses accumulated at the physical, mental and emotional levels. Once the circulation of vital energy is restored, the session ends with a time of rest and discussion.



Plantar: 45 min - 45€
Facial and cranial: 45 min - 45€
Subscription of 5 sessions - 200€
Subscription of 10 sessions - 350

Foot reflexology consists in relieving the person by treating the imbalances of the body, thanks to manual pressures exerted on the zones called "reflexes" of the foot. Each zone corresponds to an organ, a gland or a part of the body. A specific touch locates the tensions and unblocks them. An incredible relaxation follows, erasing all the constraints of the day.
Facial and cranial reflexology involves relaxing manoeuvres of the face and cranium which have positive repercussions on the whole body. It brings deep physical and psychological relaxation, emotional release and a general feeling of well-being. Thanks to very gentle and slow manipulations, the blood microcirculation is revived and the skin of the face is made supple and radiant.


Manual lymphatic drainage

Complete : 1h15 - 75€
5 session subscription - 350€
10 session subscription - 650€
Upper limbs : 45 min. - 45€
Lower limbs : 45 min. - 45€
5 session subscription - 200€
10 session subscription - 350€

Manual lymphatic drainage is a method of gentle massage that consists of decongesting and improving lymphatic circulation. It allows for a better circulation of lymph and the elimination of waste products from the body, while strengthening the immune system.
practiced on the lower or upper limbs, it relieves feelings of heaviness and treats lymphoedema. Performed regularly, it brings a feeling of lightness after each session.


Individual coaching

1 session (1h) ------ 45€
5 sessions (5h) ---- 200€
10 sessions (10h)---350€

The individual coaching takes place in a peaceful setting of exchange, confidentiality and kindness, giving you time to stop and do some personal introspection. The goal is to support you, notably by using various integrative techniques, in order to help you recognize your strengths and to be able to put them into action. You will be supported throughout your process according to what you are experiencing.  


An unusual place out of time, a haven of peace to recharge your batteries and relax. Whoever passes through the doors of this place, will leave with a joyful heart!